The 2019 ScootPad Personalized Summer Program

The ScootPad Personalized Summer Program has been redesigned to help students retain their Math and ELA proficiency of the previous grade and prepare them for core concepts that they will need for the next grade.  Our Summer Program helps kids Gear Up and prepare for grades K-9! Our curriculum is 100% aligned with the Common Core standards and our Summer Curriculum was specially designed by Education Professionals to deliver the perfect preparation for your students during the summer.

During the Summer Program students will:

1. Revisit and practice Math and ELA concepts that they struggled with in their previous grade and be introduced to concepts from the next grade
2. Practice grade appropriate spelling lists
3. Read GRL Level appropriate eBooks 
4. Remain proactive and engaged in their learning during the summer!


Q: My student is Pre-K going into Kindergarten next year, can they enroll?
A: Yes! Our Kindergarten summer program is designed for Pre-K students going into Kindergarten. The Curriculum is designed to prepare these students for concepts they will learn next year.

Q: My 8th-grade student is going into 9th grade, is there a Summer Learning path for them?
A: Our Curriculum is 100% aligned with the common core for K-8, so we do not cover 9th-grade concepts.  However, you can enroll them and have them continue practicing 8th-grade concepts during the summer to avoid the Summer Learning Slide.

Q: Is summer learning flexible with our schedule?

A: We estimate that about 2 hours per week is enough to complete the Summer curriculum and more. Students can access their ScootPad account wherever there is a broadband/high-speed internet connection (minimum 512 kbps recommended), which allows students to learn while traveling during the summer.  

Q: My student is Advanced for their current grade level, are advanced Summer Learning Paths available?
A: Yes! Students enrolled in the ScootPad Managed Program, just notify us if your student needs to be on an Advanced path and we can make that change.  You can reach us via, or contact us through your account (Help>Contact us)

Q: What is the curriculum like for the Summer Learning Paths?
A: For students who have used ScootPad within the past year (homeschool or traditional classroom), the learning path has been customized based on their learning history. It has been strategically designed to expose the student to concepts they struggled with during the year along, revisit core foundational concepts, and prepare them for important concepts they need for the next year.  

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